Thursday, February 18, 2010

There was a Growing fascination in the 70's with the work of black and female artists, such as Betty Saar and Faith Ringgold. The intense, contrasting patterns and the elegant abstraction of facial expressions drew from west african textiles and sculpture. It was a direct reference to african roots; a lineage that helped build America. The African American traditions on which these new works of art of the 70's offered and authentic excitement to the mainstream American culture. Romare Bearden, a major African American master of the abstract expressionist generation remarked in 1964 that; "What I have attempted to do, is establish a world through art in which the validity of my Negro experience could live and make its own logic." (Art Since 1940 Strategies of Being). In other words he wanted people to feel his blackness not see it. This was a time where each artist could do what they thought they ought to do. This art movement was for any person and open for everybody. 

Culture is never a nice neat package, but a combination of what settles in the mind. It consists of all the ideas and influences that people have as a reaction to different art experiences. This diversity is what defines the Black Arts Movement. 

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  1. I like the connection to Africa^^
    Also the definition of culture is really nice.