Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blacks Celebrate Their Creation

It is impossible to ignore the energy and excitement that hip hop and rap artists bring to the table. Many artists celebrate and glorify where they come from and what they stand for through their music. Wether it is vulgar or honest is for the listener to decide. However, I know that these bold artists are not afraid to take art wherever they please. I absolutely admire the dignity that they have for their co-artists. Many hip-hop and rap groups have done work together resembling their respect for each others music. Additionally, the excitement they bring together or solo is especially admirable. Ever since the beginnings of hip hop and rap, artists have been unleashing a special kind of energy that in my onion can not be duplicated. Wether it is the beat, bass, keyboard, guitar, or vocals that are expressing this extreme energy throughout the movement of a song, the audience is always in for a mind-blowing experience. A few months back I saw two hip hop concerts that absolutely changed my outlook on hip hop. I never thought that energy achieved on the recorded album could ever be matched by a live show. However, I was in for a surprise when I discovered that somehow the live show conveys even more energy than the album! Check out this show that I saw a while back with Lil Wayne.

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