Sunday, February 28, 2010

reflection of the Class Part II

How has your personal poetry changed over time (use examples from your page on the Ning from your poems)?
I have learned so much about my style of my poetry over time. I feel that I have learned how to take a very large or vague idea into something precise and concise that still has the same power that my previous embellished wordy poems had. For example, reflecting back on my "I Wish" poem I realize that if Brooks were to boil it down it would be much more free and less fabricated. Then as time went on I wrote my event poem from January 26th that was much more concise and precise.

How has your perspective of poetry changed?
I honesty never saw that poetry could be as powerful or more powerful than music or other art forms. I now have a much better ability to read deep inside poetry to find the double or deeper meaning. Now when I hear the word poetry my ears raise and my mind clears to interpret the words of the soul.

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