Sunday, February 28, 2010

Black Arts Movement impact and reflection

Reading up on some articles of the Black Arts Movement impact and reflection to hip hop I've drawn some conclusions. Hip hop and rap can be considered the radical steps of blacks claiming their integrity and individuality among art. "Hip hop and rap were born of the anger toward and disaffection with the uptight boundaries of Western art and culture" the article claims. That statement to me says it all. Blacks rejected the previous standards that the culture has made and instead started something new and revolutionary. Regardless wether culture would accept it, blacks brought hip hop and rap to the stage with great dignity. They stood proud of what they represent and didn't care what people might have thought of them. Speaking of their hard times and their good times, their lyrics tell a story of life in their shoes. In fact, even contemporary hip hop and rap contain lyrics that express their feelings towards any of discrimination they have encountered or reflecting back on discrimination their ancestors may have encountered.

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