Saturday, February 27, 2010

Looking Back At Seventh Bell Poetry

So, I'm supposed to post my reflections on our WONDERFUL 7th bell poetry class and I have no where to start because there is so much to say. Coming into the class on the first day of the term, I thought nothing of it. I was thinking the class would be fun, but I had no idea what kind of an impact it would have on me. Every T day, other kids were dreading class, however I was excited because it meant 50 minutes of poetry. When I look back at my time at Sem, poetry class will be one of my favorite memories.

How has my poetry changed?
Well, I am definiatly more comfortable writing about deeper, more personal subjects. I started the class writing poetry suited for a juvenile audience, just take a look at "What Is Poetry?" and "King of the Jungle." But, as the class progressed I developed a voice more suited for a mature audience often reflecting on the choices that we make in life such as, "By 25 I Will Not Be This Version Of Me" and "I Remember" (our group poem.)

How has my perspective of Poetry changed?
I respect poets so much more than I ever have. I also opened up to a different interpretation of poetry, it has no rules. I think now I can see a poem in an everyday act or location and I seem to be more inspired, which stems from my new found love for poetry. I also love that some of the poets we studied started young, while others just wrote as a therapeutic exercise. I now know that poetry is anything and everything.

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