Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Salt-n-Pepa were formed in 1985, Queens, New York, NY. They were the first all-female rap crew (even their DJ's were women.) These girls brought fun, excitement, and energy to the stage like no other. While dancing and running around, the souls of these girls come together to form an outstanding power that other rap artist will strive to compete with. Their outfits are appropriate, real, and genuine to their image and to the image of rap. Unlike modern women rap artists, theses girls refuse to look bimbo's and instead bring a definitive sense and respect to their attire. With big coats, tight pants, and exciting hair styles, these girls are ready to rap. I found it to be much more meaningful to see them preform at a concert as opposed to just hearing their songs. This is because the outstanding fun they have on stage influences and encourages the audience to have as much fun as they are. I encourage those who are interested in seeing power, fun, and excitement to watch videos of Salt-n-Pepa live. Check out this video of "push it" one of their most famous songs being done justice on stage!


  1. It was interesting fact that Salt-n-Pepa were the first all-female rap crew even their DJ's were women. I like the part where you wrote about their outfits and compare it to modern rap artists. Also, ending it with a video of Salt-n-pepa was a good idea.

  2. Love your topic Jason! I wrote about Salt-N-Pepa too.. They have a really interesting story. I like the messages they sent with their music. I think you did a good job expressing your thoughts on what they did with their music as well as their person style. I think that you looked at it from a lot of different angles and really conveyed their story well.