Friday, February 26, 2010

My Reflection

7th bell Poetry class is by far the best class I have ever had in my life. Mrs. Lewis made everything possible for us and she let us experience the freedom of poetry with no rules. I really wish we could have had more time together, a poetry 2 class would be SO FUN! I think we should all go talk to Mr. Gordon about it...

How has your personal poetry changed over time?

Well at first I was not comfortable writing and sharing my poetry with a class I was unfamiliar with, but with a wonderful teacher such as Mrs. Lewis she made it possible for me to become comfortable with writing poetry and sharing it with a library full of people at the Poetry slam. I feel like my poetry has gotten a lot better after this term and much more personal. I will not think of poetry as a class anymore, I will think of it as a learning experience that I will continue to grow throughout my future. 

How has your perspective of poetry changed? 

My perspective of Poetry has changed tremendously. At first I was not even very interested by the subject, and I feel like it there was any other teacher I still would not enjoy it as much as I do. Mrs. Lewis taught us to write poetry with no rules, we could write about whatever we were feeling and it was the only class to let loose in. I have learned to love poetry, I always will after this class. All thanks to Mrs. Lewis :)

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