Monday, February 22, 2010

The Notorious B.I.G.

Christopher George Latore Wallace was born May 21, 1972 and was murdered March 9, 1997. Christopher, however, was much better known as The Notorious B.I.G., an American rapper. Biggie (his nickname in case you didn't catch on) was the core and the central figure of the East Coast hip-hop scene. What is so significant about this, though, is all the mainstream rappers were coming from the West Coast. This started a HUGE controversy. (Known as the East Coast-West Coast Feud)

As most great rappers do, B.I.G. gathered a group of his friends and started the rap group Junior M.A.F.I.A. Their debut album was titled Conspiracy. Some of these rappers later emerged into solo artists, a popular rapper is Lil' Kim. The album, was considered successful in the rap world and later went gold.

During this time, Biggie exploded. He was considered the best rap selling artist of the year and even won a billboard award. This was really insane considering that Biggie was from the east coast.

He became very involved in the East Coast/West Coast feud with Tupac Shakur. (who by the way was his former associate) However their friendship turned around when Shakur accused Uptown Records' founder Andre Harrell, Sean Combs, and Wallace of having prior awareness of a robbery that resulted in him being shot repeatedly and losing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry on the night of November 30, 1994. This added fuel to the fire.

In June 1996, Shakur released Hit em' Up a song in which he disses and explicitly claims to have had sex with Wallace's wife, and that Wallace copied his style and image. I guess you can probably guess that Biggie wasn't really happy about that...

Shakur was later shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 7, 1996. He would die six days later of complications from the gunshot wounds. Rumors of Wallace's involvement with Shakur's murder were reported almost immediately. However there was never evidence and Biggie had an alibi that he was in a New York studio.

A vehicle pulled up alongside Wallace's truck when leaving an event one night and came to a sudden stop. Then someone rolled down his window, drew a 9 mm blue-steel pistol and fired. Four bullets hit Wallace in the chest. However, Biggie didn't make it.

So who killed Biggie? Who killed Tupac? We don't know, no one does. To be honest, I don't think we ever will.


  1. I really like the events and information provided in this information. I also like the ending of the questioning of "so who killed biggie? who killed tupac? we don't know" I really like the biography in the beginning and the links.

    I love it :)

  2. Very interesting story you had my full attention which takes a lot. You wrote both sides on BIG and tupac which I liked a lot. good job.


  3. I really like how you ended the blog in a question. It sort of gives it an air of mystery. I also like how you talked about the feud between Biggie and Tupac and how this ultimatley led to both of their deaths. I thought this blog post was unique because it talked more about biggies life then his music which to me is much more interesting when you have a character like Biggie to write about.

  4. B.I.G. was a great topic choice. His music while hard-core was very interesting. I really like the approach you took while writing this. Good choice of topic and awesome story. It was great to read. Intense stuff about Tupac too!