Friday, February 26, 2010

My Reflection

So this blog has been assigned for me to tell you about what I learned and how I feel about my Poetry class this Winter Term Bell 7. (Get ready for this...)

Where do I start about our bell 7 family? I've never shared my poetry before with anyone besides my small blog that I don't advertise to anyone. Just last week, I read a poem of mine in the Poetry Slam AND our group also got third place. In the beginning of this term I would have never imagined participating in a poetry slam let alone reading a poem in front of my classmates.

But that is just it, we weren't just a class we began to build a trust and bond between one another. We did not judge one another. I can't say that before poetry I didn't know I had a voice in writing, I always had that. However before poetry I never let that voice out, it was always trapped in my personal cage because it was too scared to show itself.

Now-- I'm not scared at all and my voice is completely out of that cage.

My voice in poetry, however, gained many new qualities. Reading poetry by Brooks and Whitman made me reflect their style on mine. Realizing that breaking down my poems to the simplest of text does not take away from the meaning of the poem made me try to cut out "unnecessary" words.

I'm truly and incredibly going to miss my bell 7 poetry class. We were like our own little breakfast club. Now we just need "dont you forget about me" playing...

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