Friday, February 26, 2010

Jeff Donaldson

Jeff Donaldson was an African American Artist during the black arts movement. He graduated with a MFA from the Institute of Design of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. Donaldson studied African-American art history and discovered his love for art. After studying famous african american artists for so long he decided he wanted to make art his career. He has had a passion for art ever since his brother started drawing when he was three, and he would start to draw cartoons and comic books. This was only the beginning of his momentous future, Donaldson participated on over 200 exhibitions all over the world (Africa, Europe, South America, the Caribbean and the United States). Donaldson also became the vice president of the Barnes Foundation and board of the National Center for Afro-American Artists.  During his involvement with the Organization of Black American Culture, he organized the visual arts workshop that held "Wall of Respect" in 1967. This painting "celebrated the significant African Americans and set in motion a movement  of outdoor murals painted in the United States cities throughout the 1970's. The link below is a link to the mural of "the Wall of Respect"

This mural had a huge impact on the people during this time period because it conveyed a message full of his love of African History. 

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