Sunday, February 28, 2010

Reflection of the Class

After reading all of the reflection posts of my peers I must say that there is not one of I disagree with. This class was absolutely fantastic. I have to say is what I love most about, besides Ms. Lewis, is the efforts to creating an untraditional class atmosphere. I feel as though many of times we as students become so systematic with the traditional ways of academic learning that we are actually learning nothing but the information we must to get good grades. When in actuality we could be learning so much more by trying out new ways of learning information that could increase our motivation and teach us how to learn a different and possibly more efficient way. The fact is, everyone learns differently. So how could everyone possibly learn if the class was only taught in one way?

Like I said before I can say so much after reading and agreeing with the reflection posts of my peers. I will always remember Poetry class and will use the untraditional educational techniques used in this class as a basis for my classes if I ever become what I'm thinking of being now, a teacher!

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